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SOS southern California Oceanside to San Diego....

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SOS southern California Oceanside to San Diego....

I have biked down US1 on the west coast and have run into a few problems...

I am extremely budgeted and ran into some problems that set me back. I have stayed at hike and bike camps all along the way, but they get thinner and thinner the further south you go, and the rules get stricter because of the epic homeless problem here. I am at the last camp now, and I can only spend one night here. I can go back north, but I am injured and cant do the amount of miles between camps right now because of how thinned out they are. I need to rest.

Heavy rains are projected for tomorrow and I don't have a next place to stay since I cant ride far.

Looking for some hosts in southern california between Ocean side and San Diego, were I can lay up quietly for a night, and see if i can string a couple of hosts together for a few nights. 

Dont even need much space, just someplace to pitch a tent. I wasnt expectimg another injury this month that I had cash for while going down the coasyt, so hostels and motels ate not doable for me at the moment. I was hoping to.keep using the hike and bike camps, but the maps aren't updated with correct info about many of them.

Any help is appreciated.


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