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me me me. not turning up.

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me me me. not turning up.

2nd boy in a row that doesn't show up without any message. I am seriouosly considering pulling out of this organisation and opening my house to airb&b - and guests instead. Is this a trend or a coincidense? What are your experiences? I am rather disappointed at the moment.

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Why ride when you can drive ?

I do totally agree.

And then, why to ride on bike, when you van drive and go to the hostel ?


Fucking  good idea, man, depending on what you expect from life, and from this website.

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stay and comment

Hi, I can understand You. It is not nice to wait and wait ...

Please write them a realistic comment to their profiles.

Reagrds M Sebastian

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If possible, insist on them

If possible, insist on them contacting you the day before arrival to confirm their stay. Only then do your give your address details. This should filter out those who simply do not let you know their plans have changed when they book too far in advance.

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I agree with Steve. In most

I agree with Steve. In most cases where hosts complain about no shows, the host had never even made sure that the guest had accepted the offer and really planned to come.

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I've been doing this for a while now, almost 10 years    Ive only had two people not show up or call.  Even though they told me that day they were coming.   So out of at least 50 guest, 2 no shows.   

    Please give them a review, stating they were no shows.

   As for the others, I've enjoyed the company of almost all, had folks from all over the world, some on really long tours.   A father and daughter who rode around the world.   I got to stay with them the following winter in Florida.  

   I think recently, there have been some low life's joining for a free ride, the problem may be that the site is getting overly promoted, like in YouTube.   

   I'm staying at least another year.

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