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Brussels to Prague - Eurovelo 4?

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Brussels to Prague - Eurovelo 4?

I'm having trouble finding maps for this planned 10 day ride, following near Eurovelo 4, Brussels to Prague .. There doesnt seem to be a printed guide for this route, and the Eurovelo app doesnt list  the central Europe #4 route.If anyone has information on maps through Germany to Prague It would be much appreciated.

Neil Adler

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Brussels to Prague


We have toured Europe twice - Frankfurt Germany to Antwerp through Brussels and Frankfurt to Prague (and beyond down the coast of Croatia). If it is helpful, you can look at my journals and maybe piece something together? The links are below.  I have 2 general things to say:1) Riding Europe is AWESOME! The sites, the people, the food... 2)we struggled finding the Eurovelo maps in English - EXCEPT the few that are rather standard American routes. We pieced things together with Eurovelo maps, regular country Maos and just talking to people along the way. Let me know if I can help further - have a great safe tour!