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Stay with a Warmshowers' neighbour for a day...

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Stay with a Warmshowers' neighbour for a day...

Forgive me if this has been suggested / discussed in the past. I have no time for extensive searches now, but I didn't want the idea to pass by without taking actions.

I must confess I hadn't looked at the Warmshowers app in quite some time.

Last year I did only one cycling trip (~600 Km on the Portuguese Way of the Camino de Santigo from Lisbon) and didn't even remember to consult the app, which is a shame (stayed in Pilgrim hostels)..

Yet, long intro short, a message from WS prompted me to update my details and, out of curiosity, look at who's around. Quite a few of us, actually.

I only hosted (and was hosted) once through this service and that is a shame as I would have loved to do it more often.

Has there been any thoughts given to a possible "stay with a Warmshowers' neighbour for a day" type of thing?

I know WS is typically used by people touring long distances, but not many of us with Jobs + Families, etc, can afford to do that many times in the year.

Would be great to connect with like-minded people, go out for a meal and meet / make new friends, even if they are not hundreds or thousands of miles away.

What you all think?

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I like your idea

I like your idea. There aren't much WarmShowers hosts in my region (the Netherlands). Maybe I can combine my bicycle camping tour during the summer with visiting one or two of them. 

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Local So Cal WS Group

I have a Facebook group for local hosts. We have a network from Santa Maria, California to Ensenada, Mexico. We get together for a BBQ at my place once or twice a year. Good times!

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When there were only two

When there were only two Warmshower hosts in our area, the other host invited us over to have dinner with them. Since then we do see eachoter occasionaly.

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